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Are you looking for a really good Canton dentist?

Are you looking for a really good Canton dentist? Aqua Dental is very conveniently located to Canton and offers outstanding quality dentistry services. This excellent family dental practice provides the very finest Canton dental services in a friendly environment.

If you want to get the best dental care for your family, please give us a call today at Aqua Dental and schedule your appointment.

Aqua Dental is pleased to offer the following dental services for Canton patients:

  • Dental Exams, Diagnosis, Treatment - Many patients seeking a dentist in Canton come to us for complete dental examinations. You can rely upon an accurate diagnosis and treatment for your specific dental needs.
  • Dental Cleanings - The best prevention for gingivitis is proper oral hygiene. Professional dental cleaning performed by a dental hygienist takes care of plaque buildup and keeps your mouth safe from periodontal disease.
  • Dental X-Rays - One of the most important diagnostic tools is a radiography picture of your mouth, allowing Dr. Fayerman to examine the underlying structure of your teeth and jaw.
  • Bruxism - Many patients from Canton prefer to come to our dental practice for Bruxism treatment. We can help alleviate pain and damage due to grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw.
  • Dental Implants - Other dental clinics near Canton may provide dental restorations, but our office is well known for performing the highest quality dental implants by surgically installing a supportive post for a permanent dental crown.
  • Composite Fillings - Dental technology has made significant advances in the appearance of fillings for cavities. Composite fillings offer nearly undetectable cavity repair with fillings the same color as your natural teeth.
  • Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Bridges, Porcelain Inlays, Porcelain Onlays, Porcelain Veneers - Dr. Fayerman and the staff of Aqua Dental welcomes you to our dental practice near Canton for outstandingly beautiful porcelain crowns and veneers.
  • Teeth Whitening - Professional teeth whitening can transform dull and discolored teeth into gorgeous white, bright teeth for extremely satisfactory results.
  • Teeth Bonding - Dental bonding provides excellent restoration for damaged teeth by adhering dental porcelain and composite fillings to repair your teeth.
  • Periodontal Disease - Our professional dental hygienist helps to treat periodontal disease by removing plaque that is built up on your teeth.
  • Dentures - Comfortably fitted, affordable dentures make an enormous difference in the function and appearance of your teeth.
  • Root Canal Therapy - Sometimes tooth decay requires removing the damaged nerve and pulp from the tooth root in order to restore strength and function.
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Our dental office accepts most dental insurances. Call our office and our staff will be happy to do a complimentary check for you.
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