A dental implant is a relatively new dental procedure started around 1965. Dental implants, as we know them today, have been around since 1965! PI Branemark, a Swedish scientist, was responsible for the first practical application of dental implants by accident.

In 1952, Branemark attempted to make a removable screw to repair bones in the body. Later, when he tried to remove the screws, they has fused to the bone. This was the beginning of many years of research and testing.

In 1965, the first dental implants were shaped like roots; they were attached to the jaw bone to support a false tooth and act as an orthodontic anchor. This is accomplished by a fusing process called osseointegration. The screw made of titanium, fuses to the bone. When the implant is very strong, a dental prosthetic (false tooth) is attached. A significant amount of time is required for the osseointegration process to be complete so that the new tooth can be attached to the implant.